Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stuffing my Anxiety till it bursts...

I think I have what you would call emotional eating...I'm obviously feeling a bit nervous/anxious about going back to work tomorrow-see my post HiHo HiHo, because I've been just eating myself silly today!!
I've managed to eat this today:-
Bacon and egg roll-and felt very uncomfortable after it!
2 pieces of rocky-road...actually 3 now
tub of passionfruit yoghurt
8 vitawheat crackers with vegemite
and its only 4.50pm!!

Stop me now! Lapband can you hear me?????

Although, as I'm re-reading this, I guess pre-lapband, I would have easily had double this amount on one of my naughty days....just disappointed in some of my choices today..
Wish my hubby would eat whats in his Darryl-Lea "Dad's bag" I won't!!

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