Sunday, September 26, 2010



Shake me baby!!

 For 2 weeks post-op, and occasionally now, I get cravings for salt! I have never craved salt before in my life....and ate very little of the stuff. When I first came home from hospital, I couldn't tolerate optifast drinks, or anything I drank lots of powerade, and I would suck vegemite off a teaspoon...don't know if it was the vitamin b, or the salt my body was craving. I was also licking the salt off those bbq flavoured rice crackers...weird hey? Did anyone else experience this??

Before my lapband I was having 2-3 coke zero or diet coke per day.....I love the gives me a boost, and I feel full after having one. Well, I have attempted twice since being banded to have some. The first time was in week 2 post op, and I went to a girlfriends house for morning tea....she offered me a coke zero, and I accepted without even thinking about "the rules" ....anyway, after the first sip I developed that bloody shoulder tip pain, and it continued for the next 2 -3hrs!! Then by that afternoon, the top of my stomach had swollen/bloated, so much that I was really uncomfortable, and even my 13yr old son said "hey mum, whats the go with your tummy looks weird!" Anyway, I began to panic, and 'phoned a friend' who was banded a couple of years ago...she advised me to steer clear of any carbonated drinks for a while. ...and to go to the hospital if it didn't subside...well eventually it went down, but I felt uncomfortable for a couple of days.

This is making my mouth water...just looking at this picture!!

2nd attempt was last Sunday, when we had my hubby's family around for a bbq lunch. I opened my coke zero early in the try and make it go flat.....and didn't start drinking it until hrs later,but same thing happened...immediate shoulder pain....but abdo didn't swell as forgot about the coke zero, and had a few glasses of white wine instead!! Which went straight to my head, and I was a giggling mess by 5pm that afternoon.

Maybe this will be really good for me, cause I will have to just drink water at work rather than my desired coke zero! Think of all those chemicals that my body won't be getting....chemicals that I was obviously quite addicted to.
Today I have been craving the stuff....and the sad thing is our "beer fridge" has a dedicated shelf for my coke zero...and its full at the moment!! Will I put myself through pain, and torture just to get a sip of the stuff............who knows???

I also really love beer...especially in the warmer weather...I haven't tried a beer yey, but I'm guessing a similar reaction would happen.....does this mean I will never be able to enjoy a nice icy cold beer again???
Please tell me that it will get better with time?

I haven't really craved anything else....just eating what I feel like, but small amounts, and trying to make healthy choices. I didn't think this band was restricting my eating at all, but the other night we made homemade hamburgers, and I could only eat 3/4 of it...should have probably stopped after 1/2, because then I ended up getting pain in my shoulder for an hour or so. Before banding I would have eaten 1 and a half burgers, sometimes 2 burgers easily, followed by dessert an hour later!! And I wondered how I got to be 128kg...LOL...I wonder ...doh! So obviously the band is working...think I will be lucky if I can eat a burger at all once I have a fill done!!
Would love to hear if fellow bandits have had cravings ??


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  1. I am a Diet Coke lover as well. I used to buy slabs of cans and have about 2-3 a day, icy cold, there's nothing better! I used to be a beer lover, but obviously can't drink that any more so DCs are my poison of choice.

    Pre op I was more worried about not being able to drink my DC than not being able to eat much. Luckily, now I'm three weeks post op, I'm tolerating it fine. Out of the can its a bit too fizzy but if I buy a bottle and pour it in a glass and drink it slowly its absolutely fine. I didn't have any of the shoulder pain post op though. I was so lucky there.

    Re cravings, I really want to eat salad! This year I've been a bit of a salad dodger eating loads of fast food as I knew my op date was nearing, but now all I want is a yummy green salad. I've heard people struggle with it so I'm gonna wait til my app on Wednesday with the dietitian to see if it'll be ok. That's all though which is good.