Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Early Days.....

Hi !!
Well here I am... I'm still very much on my "L" plates with this blogging it could be interesting.

I had lap band surgery on the 3rd Sept, 2010. So I am 2 weeks and 5 days post op...and feeling much better than the first week when all I could think is OMG what have I done to myself???? Lots of shoulder pain, bloated and nauseated!! The pain killers they gave me to go home on made the nausea problem heat packs, and panadol became my new best friends! the shoulder pain was excruciatingly cruel and lasted until about day 6...I continue to get it occasionally now...but it usually only lasts a few minutes...and goes away spontaneously...thankGod! My gorgeous hubby kept reassuring me that it was only "early days" and that "it would be all worth it...just like our children were worth every contraction during labour" ...made me want to laugh...but my tummy was too if he could even imagine what a contraction was!
I did the optifast diet for 3-4 weeks prior to surgery...and was ELATED when I had lost 12 kgs when they weighed me pre-op. However I haven't lost a gram since the op...Do I ask for a refund???hehe
Hoping that when I go back on the 6th October for my first adjustment that I will continue to shed some kgs. I have been able to eat normal foods for the past 5-6 days...definitely not the same amount...not that I've let myself try, as I'm petrified of stretching my new little pouch stomach above the band. But no probs with the eating!! Hunger is about the guessing I just need to wait until adjustment....
Patience...its only early days!!

Starting weight 128kg on 28/07/10 at surgeon consult.
Todays weight 114kg-just weighed myself whilst doing this if my scales are correct...I have actually lost 2kg since op...YeeHa...something has happened!!

My goal is to be 110kgs by October long weekend....not sure whether 4kgs can come off in 1.5 weeks...think I might be having myself on....but any loss will be good!

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  1. Welcome and congratulations on your loss so far! I would love to follow your journey and we can support each other along the way. Thanks for reading my blog too. V.