Friday, October 1, 2010

Breathe and Smile :)

This was my motto today to get me to 1. go to work, and 2. to survive my day...although my day was actually 300% better than yesterday....want to know why....because my boss wasn't there!! So didn't really need my motto to get No 2 done....haha...just re-read that sentence and it sounds like I'm talking about my bowel habits!

Yesterday I had a frantically busy day at work, so much so that the 3 nursing staff (including myself) had not even had a drink of water between the hrs of 7-12noon...and it didn't look as though we were going to get one for at least another I phoned my boss (who was around in her office probably flicking emails to me -AKA "delegating"....this boss by the way had come around to our tea room not once but twice between the hrs of 9-12...and had 2 nice cups of tea....yes I was a tad my tongue stuck to the top of my mouth) to come around to the ward and give us a hand, so that at least one of us could go and stop ourselves needing an IV drip later in the day! Well she came around, and demanded to know why I was so far behind in the work.....WTF....did she think I'd been sitting at the desk filing my nails......I was so pissed off....I just had to walk away...couldn't even answer her...maybe because my mouth was to dry???
The worst of it was that she made the 2 nurses and myself feel like incompetent we were unable to manage our time properly....

I'm really disappointed in myself because I didn't speak up, and tell her how hurt I was by her comments...I mean she could see how busy we were when she sat there drinking her cups of tea, reading the local newspaper!! I need to grow some balls, and become more assertive.....because at present I'm feeling very much passive aggressive towards this woman...I can feel my insides boiling.....
This is an ongoing problem, but I feel a tad intimidated by this person...even if she only weighs as much as one of my legs!

Anyway to end this whinge session... I went home and craved sugar...ate licorice, and then drank 3/4 bottle of wine.....but God I felt soooooo much better......yep...I'm an emotional eater/alcoholic!

Sorry for boring you all....but just needed to vent!! Just wondering though if I do decide to get brave and put my pics on here can I delete this post once published???


  1. I have a hard time being assertive with people who are like the boss you are describing. I'm not very good at defending myself sometimes, so I totally understand. I hope you find what you need to put her straight! :)

  2. I feel you on the work situation...going through some of that myself. Sometimes it helps to practice what you might say next time so it sounds professional but assertive. Unfortunatly if you boss is anything like mine the situation will arise again! Hugs to you!

  3. Wouldn't it be great if we didn't need the pay cheque and didn't have to deal with incompetent bosses :-)

    I so feel you with the emotional eating too deal with it.

  4. Bum! What a crappy day. So annoying when the delegater who does nothing then complains about others not doing enough - I've had bosses like that too. Hope you have a better day tomorrow! V.

  5. So I really wanted to comment on your first fill blog but for some reason my internet wouldn't let me!!!

    Anyway, 1kg is still a loss so just think with this first fill it will just increase that number :)

    I totally understand about not telling your family and those closest to you....But honestly don't feel ashamed about it!! There is no shame in the lap band.

    I read your list a few posts ago about what you hate about being fat and all i have to say is - AGREED!!!